Investment projects with scope: Arts & Culture

Total budget £7,200


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The objective is to give youth the opportunity of a public performance with Barrmill Jolly Beggars facilitating this opportunity.

The estimated costs are: 

venue hire: £200

Travel costs for youth choir: £100

Catering for performers/guest at interval: £100

Printing of flyers/posters/Tickets for concert: £80

Hall Stewards and First Aider: £100

Photographer: £50

Administration: £50

If granted the £400 funding would be spent on:

Part Hall hire to hold concert: £100 (full cost £300) Beith Theatre Group Choir expenses to cover travel for 40 members to get to venue in Kilbirnie and to cover any other costs they have:: £200 Contribution towards printing tickets, Posters and programmes for concert: £50 Contribution towards event catering: £50.  

market & tent.jpeg

Events Arran community group present the Arran Rock n Blues Festival 2024

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Unlike the previous three festivals we are going to Lochranza this year. The primary reason for this is the need for accommodation.  We are working in collaboration with the Lochranza outdoor centre, the hotel, campsite and youth hostel to ensure we can host our visitors. We believe the commercial input to all of these businesses will help them survive as in recent years they have struggled.  We are giving opportunities for young people to play at the festival and particularly encouraging original Scottish artists.  We are also hoping for a small acoustic stage for local musicians too.  We have a large following of blues fans from previous festivals and are well know by the Blues music press.  We wish the £400 to help support the cost of hiring the hall to allow us to give the artists the best possible experience.  We will also run a market similar to ones on the Green in Lamlash and at Santa’s Sparkles.  We have a market license.  Our biggest cost is paying for band accommodation & fees.   Our provisional costings are shown on the attached document and we need to raise money to ensure we can cover our costs. 


Stevenston Livingstone players panto 261123 cast and crew[16033].jpg

Stage Effect Lighting project

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 Livingstone Players are looking to improve lighting in order to enhance production and enable a wider array of special effects. More professional lighting can make a huge difference to the audience experience. The plan is to have another person helping behind the scenes and ideally give a younger person this experience. The would learn to create a chase effect and the illusion of movement across the stage. The equipment also has a blinder effect that can be used between scenes to disorientate the audience. The third technigue would be to use wash lights to fill a scene with colour.

The project would last the duration of equipment and we would intend to try and replace if it brokedown. 

The cost £199 each including postage so 2 are required to cover whole stage totalling £398


Coisir Ghaidhlig Arainn first night

Coisir Ghaidhlig Arainn- Arran Gaelic Choir

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Hall Hire 26x24                                                                                                   £624

Purchase of Music including prescribed MOD fees                                                 £500

Fees to pianist and conductor                                                                              £750

Potential travel and accomodation costs if we go to Oban                                     (£2,500)

The descreipton of the project is formation of Arran Gaelic Choir and their projected expenses in year one. the MOD costs are indication only and we will fundraise for this.£1874.00 is out total expected budget cost this year it would be really useful to have your financial support towards the purchase of music and royalties to An Comunn.

The 400 will be used to cover the cost of entry and travel to the mod, as well as cover the prescribed music. 

Playday 2023: enjoying our haybale maze made from hay loaned from local farmers

North Ayrshire children's sculpture competition

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This funding would be put towards our North Ayrshire sculpture competition which we host annually. This competition is free to enter and is aimed at young artists and schoolchildren across North Ayrshire, who are asked to create unique sculptures from recycled and natural materials based on the brief which changes each year. In previous years our themes have been "Our natural heritage; coasts and waters" and "Climate change; what it means to us" and we plan for this year's theme to be "From seeds to trees" to raise awareness on how to plant and grow our own foods and improve the greenery in our local community. To engage the schools and artists we will provide a prize for the winning entry, which is typically a paid-for day out provided by Beith Trust, which will be voted for by the general public via QR codes throughout the summer. To get people to vote and visit the sculpture trail, we will be hosting various free events over the summer for children and families to attend. The funding would be used to purchase materials to allow the events to be free to attend, ensuring families of all income levels can attend. These workshops would be two crafting workshops, one making clay plant pots to grow plants in and another to make bird feeders from old bottles and recycled materials. Another workshop we'd like to run would be led by a local artist and we would ask them to host a workshop teaching the children how to use nature to make art (leaf printing, flower dying, daisy chains, etc). Finally, we would like to host a stall at our National Playday event, which we run every year around our sculpture trail, allowing attendees to create their own seed bombs to take home and plant in their gardens. 

Our sculpture trail has consistently gathered numerous visitors throughout the years that we have run it, with National Playday being our biggest success with over 750 attendees last year. We would love to make these events as green as possible and use our space to teach the children how to have fun outdoors and away from screens. With a captive audience, we would like to teach green techniques and invite groups such as RSPB Lochwinnoch and Hessil Head to come along and host their own fun, nature-based stalls or activities. A breakdown on how we would use the funding is below.

Workshop materials:

10KG Air dry children's clay: £40

Variety of plant seeds: £35

Compost: £20

Materials to make recycled birdfeeders: £30 (Sticks, string, bird seeds, paints)

Materials for seed bombs: £30 (Flour, compost, water, plant seeds)

Wood-based materials for sign and box crafting: £45

Nursery plants from Gateside Garden Center: £50

Marketing and tutors:

Tutor fees: £100

Marketing materials: £50

Total: £400


Writing for Well-Being

Writing for Well-Being

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Writing for Well-Being is a 6-week, in-person course hosted by So in Flow with Molly Murray in Ardrossan, UK.

£180 - Teaching costs, £30 x 2 hour session x 6 weeks.

£20 - Coffee & Tea Costs, x 6 weeks.

= £200 per 6 week session x 2 times per year  = £400.


Betsy Miller Awareness Pop-Up Event

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SeaSalt Streets intend to use the events to highlight awareness of Betsy Miller, Britain's 1st Female Sea Captain. born in Saltcoats. 

The project will be presented in two formats and will be run on two separate days.

(A) A pop-up exhibition / workshop, using the gazebo purchased with our successful PB award. The gallery will contain information and photographs of Betsy Miller and her life. It is hoped to include a video presentation to enhance the experience. 

(B) A short talking / guided tour, starting in Quay Street, Saltcoats, the place of Betsy's birth with display plaque. The walk will then proceed to Canal Place to the pier gates where the waggonway led to Saltcoats harbour. From there, the tour will head to Saltcoats Harbour itself and the Harbourmasters' House and a meeting with "Betsy Miller" herself. The short tour will conclude at The Heritage Centre graveyard where Betsy Miller is buried.

Breakdown of costs 

Tour guide - 2 days @ £75.00 per day =          £150 

Betsy Lookalike - 2 days @ £60.00 per day = £120 

Advertising and promotional material          = £100

This project is intended to break down barriers with people who might not normally engage with history, culture or the arts, and try to ensure their future involvement. Our target audience will be anyone visiting, working or passing through Saltcoats Town Centre at the duration of the events. Anagram quizes and  colouring in sheets will encourage intergenerational working between children, parents/carers and grandparents. All participation is at no cost. 



Lino Printing - Everyone an Artist

Everyone an Artist

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Last year, Everyone an Artist allowed a group of adults from across North Ayrshire to take part in a free six week art workshop where we used clay, learned how to cut and print lino blocks, and drawing techniques. Alongside the practical skills they gained, this opportunity offered the artists to build upon their self confidence, boosted their mental wellbeing and allowed them to meet new people. We would like to run this workshop again this year, but offer new techniques to learn with more materials. The project will run from the North Ayrshire Foodbank's new space on Glasgow Street, for six weeks (once a week) at evening time, to allow people time to come in from work.

proposed project breakdown: Lead artist - £168 hall rent and materials - £232 

Portencross Castle-

Mastering Photography of Buildings of Historical Interest

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Skelmorlie Camera Club is organising a photography training session to teach how to capture impressive photographs of buildings of historical interest.

Peter Stevenson is a well known and highly regarded local professional photographer. He has agreed to lead this venture on behalf of the club. He has years of experience both in running his own photography business and also as a qualified trainer for Jessops. Peter will give expert practical guidance to each participant.

A photogenic local historical building will be identified and a field trip will be organised to photograph the building's exterior and key features, taking into consideration elements such as composition, lens choice, tripod use and post-processing advice.

Photographers will then be able to use this experience and newly acquired expertise to travel to and photograph other local historical buildings. It is intended that the best of these images will be showcased in a mini exhibition at our local community centre.

The ultimate aim is to generate new interest in and discussion of these historical gems not only among the contributors but also among those who come to view the prints.

 The cost breakdown is as follows:

A maximum of 16 participants at £25 per person. There will be an additional trainer to ensure there is plenty of assistance on hand to address any queries that may arise.

The nature of this activity would clearly come under the category of Arts and Culture as the emphasis will be on improving the compositional skills of attendees and a 'storytelling' approach to photographing the buildings in question. It also addresses the Health and Well Being aspect as participants will be out and about at various locations, sharing knowledge and experience with each other and improving social connections. They will also be learning new skills and gain satisfaction in applying these in a variety of locations. The group nature of this activity means that there will be significant social interaction which benefits mental health.

The event will be promoted on the club's website/ Facebook page and other social media outlets. This will provide details of how to enrol and additional information regarding the training session.

It is anticipated that the activity will take place during spring/summer 2024 and the exhibition would take place in autumn 2024.

Social Pixel

Art Project: "Social Pixel"

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Goals and Objectives:

  • To create a visual symbol of unity and diversity within the urban community.
  • To engage residents in the creative process, allowing them to express their feelings, thoughts, and stories.
  • To form public art reflecting the collective consciousness and cultural diversity.

Organizational Plan:

  • Preparation Phase: The artist develops the concept and overall design of the mosaic, determining the size of the cards and the quantity needed for the final image. Materials such as cards, markers, paints, and drawing tables are procured.
  • Advertising Campaign: Running an information campaign through social media, local media, and partnerships with community organizations to attract participants.
  • Conducting Sessions: Organizing a series of workshops or open sessions in public places, parks, libraries, and schools. Participants are provided with all necessary drawing materials, along with brief instructions and drawing technique assistance.

Creative Process:

  • Participants receive 15 x 15 cm square cards to draw, write messages, or create collages on.
  • Each participant contributes their unique vision or story.

Assembly and Exhibition:

  • After collecting the works, the artist assembles all cards into a unified canvas, ensuring compositional integrity and harmony.
  • The completed installation is exhibited in a public-access location, such as a municipal gallery, library, or on a public building wall.

Interactive Elements:

  • The option to scan QR codes placed near the installation for information about the creators of individual cards and their stories.
  • Organizing interactive tours and discussions about the project for schoolchildren and adults, fostering dialogue and opinion exchange.

Evaluation and Documentation:

  • Creating photo and video documentation of the entire process for use on social media and future exhibitions.
  • Conducting surveys of participants and visitors to assess the project's impact on the community.

This project exemplifies how art can unite people, giving everyone a chance to be heard and seen.


  1. Cards (500 pcs): £50.

  2. Set of markers, acrylic paints, and pencils: £50.

  3. Compensation for the organizer-artist's time (10 sessions at 1 hour each): £200.

  4. Coffee, tea, and biscuits for the sessions: £30.

  5. Assembly of all images into one, including the creation and transportation of the stand to the exhibition site: £50.

Total: £380.

This estimation encompasses the primary expenses for materials, the artist's labor, refreshments for participants, and the construction of the stand for the final exhibition. Additional costs such as marketing, logistics, and contingency expenses might also be considered for a comprehensive budget assessment of the project.