Investment projects with scope: Arts & Culture

Total budget £7,600

St. Matthew's Academy Parent Council

St. Matthew's Parent Council - Intergenerational Photography Exhibition

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In order to develop this project, the Parent Council aims to assist the Art Department with provision of cameras.  Existing photography equipment is in short supply within the school, so in order to ensure that each pupil has access to a high quality, specialist camera, we aim to purchase two bridge cameras.  This will allow pupils to develop and demonstrate skills in photography beyond that of a mobile phone camera.

The cost of an entry level bridge camera is around £200.  We would like to ask for funding to purchase two, costing £400 in total.

The exhibtion costs will be minimal, as it will take place on screen within the school and the Parent Council meeting any additional expenses such as refreshments.

Writing for Well-Being

Writing for Well-Being

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Writing for Well-Being is a 6-week, in-person course hosted by So in Flow with Molly Murray in Ardrossan, UK.

£180 - Teaching costs, £30 x 2 hour session x 6 weeks.

£20 - Coffee & Tea Costs, x 6 weeks.

= £200 per 6 week session x 2 times per year  = £400.

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The Arran International Festival of Chamber Music and Song

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We are founding the Arran International Festival of Chamber Music and Song and the inaugural festival will run from 22nd to 25th August 2024. The festival's aim is to celebrate Arran's rich natural and cultural heritage, to promote international cultural exchange by bringing leading international artists to the island and to include the local community in the creative process. There's a wealth of local talent, creativity and culture on Arran and a key part of the annual festival programme will be performances by both young and established local musicians alike.

The beauty of music and art is the power it has to bring people together across borders. The founding ethos of the festival is, 'getting across borders', in a world where so many lines are being drawn in the sand.

Last summer, in collaboration with the Arran Theatre and Arts Trust, the local business, Arran Active, and the island community radio station, Arran Sound, we organised a free concert on 18th August in Corrie and Sannox Village Hall, as a prelude, an introduction to the proposed launch of the festival. We wanted to gauge the reception of the local community to the idea of the festival and to invite members of the community to be involved from the outset. The concert was a great success, standing room only, and we received universal approval, warmth and support for establishing the festival. (documents relating to this initial concert are uploaded with this application)

The inaugural festival programme is currently in development and will be officially announced in early spring 2024. As of the submission of this application, events look as follows:


Event 1, opening concert, an evening with Richard Morrison & Company, featuring The Songs of Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson and Rantin Rovin Robin, a musical show celebrating the life and work of Scotland’s greatest literary figure, Robert Burns, through his own songs, verse and letters. Whiting Bay Hall, 7:30pm


Event 2, an afternoon chamber concert featuring a string ensemble of local musicians, artists tbc. Brodick Parish Church, 2:00pm

Event 3, a candlelit evening concert featuring local young musicians, artists tbc. Brodick Parish Church, 7:00pm


Event 4, outreach event, an illustrated talk by Dr. Sigrid Rieuwerts of Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, founder of the Society for Scottish Studies in Europe. Sigrid will talk about Culture and the beauty of nations, preserving the authenticity of cultures, heritage and the importance of local voices. Arran Heritage Museum, 1:00pm

Event 5, a unique concert event at Brodick Castle, International Cellists Gary Hoffman & Lydia Shelley will play Bach’s 6 Cello Suites, in three sittings, also including the UK Premiere of a work by the French Composer, Graciane Finzi. Brodick Castle Drawing Room at 3:00pm, 5:00pm & 7:00pm.


Event 6, a farewell musical get together and free-for-all featuring guest and local musicians at the Douglas Hotel, 12:00pm - 4:00pm


Artist fees: £8400; Artist & production travel: £2800; Accommodation & catering: £2400; Venue & event production costs: £1150; Festival administration costs, including management, promotion and publicity: £2000

Total budget: £16,750

The £400 would be spent on the purchase of special candles, which will adorn Brodick Parish Church for our candlelit concert on Friday 23rd August, featuring the young artists of Arran.  We are delighted to report that a World Premiere composition by the highly regarded young Arran composer, Electra Perivolaris, will be performed that night by the young local flautist, Lucy Walsh.  The candles in question are quite specific as we can't use real candles with naked flames - and once we have purchased these candles, we will be able to use them in other festival concerts and events in coming years.  

Coisir Ghaidhlig Arainn first night

Coisir Ghaidhlig Arainn- Arran Gaelic Choir

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Hall Hire 26x24                                                                                                   £624

Purchase of Music including prescribed MOD fees                                                 £500

Fees to pianist and conductor                                                                              £750

Potential travel and accomodation costs if we go to Oban                                     (£2,500)

The descreipton of the project is formation of Arran Gaelic Choir and their projected expenses in year one. the MOD costs are indication only and we will fundraise for this.£1874.00 is out total expected budget cost this year it would be really useful to have your financial support towards the purchase of music and royalties to An Comunn.

The 400 will be used to cover the cost of entry and travel to the mod, as well as cover the prescribed music. 


Arts and Crafts Family After School Club

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Family Arts and Crafts Session

To be run over a minimum of 4 weeks. 

There will be no cost for the rental of school due to the time of the sessions 3.15-4.15

local artist Pauline Tremble is available to help facilitate this at a cost of £45 per week total cost £180

Week 1 - face painting session we will provide each attending family a facepaint starter kit £100. We think this will be a fun activity for families which they can then enjoy at home also.

Week 2 - balloon art session again we will provide the balloons. This can help families cut costs of parties and home activities. Balloons £40

Week 3 - canvas painting session our local artist will teach various painting techniques to our families and help them create picture they can take home. What they learn will hopefully encourage them to do more art at home. We will provide canvases and paint for the activity. Canvases £39 paint £30

week 4 - clay modelling session our local artist will teach various techniques for our families to create their own clay model to take home. Clay £40  

all these free sessions will help us to cut the cost of the families school day by providing free activities while promoting arts crafts and culture in our local community. We hope that we may even have our local community centre display some of the artwork. 


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Events Arran community group present the Arran Rock n Blues Festival 2024

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Unlike the previous three festivals we are going to Lochranza this year. The primary reason for this is the need for accommodation.  We are working in collaboration with the Lochranza outdoor centre, the hotel, campsite and youth hostel to ensure we can host our visitors. We believe the commercial input to all of these businesses will help them survive as in recent years they have struggled.  We are giving opportunities for young people to play at the festival and particularly encouraging original Scottish artists.  We are also hoping for a small acoustic stage for local musicians too.  We have a large following of blues fans from previous festivals and are well know by the Blues music press.  We wish the £400 to help support the cost of hiring the hall to allow us to give the artists the best possible experience.  We will also run a market similar to ones on the Green in Lamlash and at Santa’s Sparkles.  We have a market license.  Our biggest cost is paying for band accommodation & fees.   Our provisional costings are shown on the attached document and we need to raise money to ensure we can cover our costs. 


Stevenston Livingstone players panto 261123 cast and crew[16033].jpg

Stage Effect Lighting project

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 Livingstone Players are looking to improve lighting in order to enhance production and enable a wider array of special effects. More professional lighting can make a huge difference to the audience experience. The plan is to have another person helping behind the scenes and ideally give a younger person this experience. The would learn to create a chase effect and the illusion of movement across the stage. The equipment also has a blinder effect that can be used between scenes to disorientate the audience. The third technigue would be to use wash lights to fill a scene with colour.

The project would last the duration of equipment and we would intend to try and replace if it brokedown. 

The cost £199 each including postage so 2 are required to cover whole stage totalling £398




2024-01-03  •  1 comment  •  DALRY BURNS CLUB  •  Arts & Culture

In 2025, again we will be supporting the Arts and Cultural whereever possible,Within our club, the members are very generous by donating each year, funds to help in this endeavor..Allready we have  gifted £200 to the Dalry Station Garden Group to provide bedding and new plants and shrubs into large steel planters  we previously gifted to the station platforms to assist with the cultural needs of the community.

Again in 2025 our club will once again be promoting the works of Robert Burns, within the local primary schools. All the children ( P! to P7 )  and parents alike, look forward to participating in the the singing and recitation competitions, organised by the Club and with the assistance of the schools teachers,The winner in each class all receiving  Amazon gift vouchers and certificates for all particpants.and  moreover the Club then supports parents and children,  going on to travel to Ayr, where the all Ayrshire iFinals take place. We pay for and organise tranport.

We estimate this year the costs will be £1500 for this particular venture. We are asking  £400. The  cost breakdown is as follows

1) DALRY PRIMARY SCHOOL Scheduled  Feb 2025 £200 will be spent on medals and prizes for the children

2) ST.PALLADIUS PRIMARY SCHOOL Proposed in early March 2025 £200 will be spent on medals and prizes for the children

The  Club will provide the  funds, by holding a raffle at our main meeting, which is our annual Burns Supper.Any shortfall we propose to cover from our general fund.

Bypass Art

Murder Mystery Event by Bypass Art

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This project is about providing an opportunity for people to meet up and enjoy an evening of company with their friends and other community members.

It’s about experiencing a live theatre event and enjoying a wee bit of lighthearted entertainment.

There’s audience participation, there’s quietly discussing your theories so nearby tables can’t hear you and there’s plenty of laughs.

And it’s about identifying the murderer!

The event will be held in a Dalry venue and costs include:

Hall Hire  - £100

Refreshments £50

Audio and light equipment £200

Promotion £50 


Dyeni, Louis, Suzie, Connie and Flo...

Oor Hame (Coast Collective Documentary)

2024-01-14  •  10 comments  •  coast collective  •  Arts & Culture

Hame is a project looking at what hame (home, for those unfamiliar with Ayrshire accents) means.

Hame is, ideally, a place of safety, warmth and shelter, but it's not just our roof and walls. For many of us, our hame is our place of belonging; it's a playground where we're free to let our inner selves be. But it's also more than that; hame is also our friends and neighbours.

Documentary photographer and West Kilbride resident Mandy Edwards has been engaging with her neighbours, to find what makes hame for them, but also to discover more about what their presence means to her own sense of hame. This is captured in a succession of images and words to be shown in the Barony during March 2024.

Alongside the exhibition, workshops are being run to encourage young people (two groups; 8-11, 12-16) to explore what makes their hame, both within and outside their own walls; the resulting responses will be exhibited in the windows of the shops in the village, so that we build a picture of the faces that make a community of our hame. We're intending to produce the images for the shop windows ready for April, and the open air exhibition will provide an attraction during the Easter holidays.

Funding would help meet the costs of renting space for the workshops in the Barony Centre (£118), purchase of single use cameras for the 8-11 group (£144), developing and printing of images (£138)