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Oor Hame (Coast Collective Documentary)

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Dyeni, Louis, Suzie, Connie and Flo...
Dyeni, Louis, Suzie, Connie and Flo...

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Oor Hame is a project looking at what home means. Photo workshops will encourage young people to produce their own idea of what makes “Hame” and create an open air gallery in local shop windows.



Hame is a project looking at what hame (home, for those unfamiliar with Ayrshire accents) means.

Hame is, ideally, a place of safety, warmth and shelter, but it's not just our roof and walls. For many of us, our hame is our place of belonging; it's a playground where we're free to let our inner selves be. But it's also more than that; hame is also our friends and neighbours.

Documentary photographer and West Kilbride resident Mandy Edwards has been engaging with her neighbours, to find what makes hame for them, but also to discover more about what their presence means to her own sense of hame. This is captured in a succession of images and words to be shown in the Barony during March 2024.

Alongside the exhibition, workshops are being run to encourage young people (two groups; 8-11, 12-16) to explore what makes their hame, both within and outside their own walls; the resulting responses will be exhibited in the windows of the shops in the village, so that we build a picture of the faces that make a community of our hame. We're intending to produce the images for the shop windows ready for April, and the open air exhibition will provide an attraction during the Easter holidays.

Funding would help meet the costs of renting space for the workshops in the Barony Centre (£118), purchase of single use cameras for the 8-11 group (£144), developing and printing of images (£138)

Proposed by: Coast Collective Documentary, Mandy Edwards and Ian Roberts

About Us: Coast Collective Documentary is a partnership between photographer Mandy Edwards (www.mandyedwardsdocumentary.com) and gallerist Ian Roberts. Over the past 4 years Mandy has produced work on the pandemic ("Another Time of Being", 2021-2 exhibited at the Barony and the Harbour Arts Centre), Climate Change ("Conversations" film, part of the "Seeds of Hope" touring exhibition 2021), Faith in the Community ("Tranquil Daring" film, part of the 2023 Dick Institute Open) and Holidays ("Back Doon the Watter" exhibited at the Garrison House, Millport and Trongate 103, Glasgow (2023), and coming to North Ayrshire Heritage Centre in September 2024). Ian co-ordinates and assists in the presentation of Mandy's work.

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