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St. Matthew's Parent Council - Intergenerational Photography Exhibition

St. Matthew's Academy Parent Council St. Matthew's Academy Parent Council  •  2024-01-06  •  No comments  •  Arts & Culture  • 

St. Matthew's Academy Parent Council
St. Matthew's Academy Parent Council

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This project focuses on community health and wellbeing and community spirit in order to reduce the effects of isolation within our elderly population and to give our young people skills for their future in the both the creative arts and social service type careers. We are looking to host a photography exhibtion which will allow senior pupils to display their photographs of the local area to invited local elderly care home residents.  We are aware of the isolation facing some of our elderly residents who are no longer able to get out and around the local area by themselves.  The aim of the exhibition is to bring the local sights to them within a warm and welcoming environment.  Higher Photography pupils will design an exhibition to take place within the school where local residents will enjoy a social afternoon of conversation with young people about their memories of the town whilst seeing the development of the local area through photographs.


In order to develop this project, the Parent Council aims to assist the Art Department with provision of cameras.  Existing photography equipment is in short supply within the school, so in order to ensure that each pupil has access to a high quality, specialist camera, we aim to purchase two bridge cameras.  This will allow pupils to develop and demonstrate skills in photography beyond that of a mobile phone camera.

The cost of an entry level bridge camera is around £200.  We would like to ask for funding to purchase two, costing £400 in total.

The exhibtion costs will be minimal, as it will take place on screen within the school and the Parent Council meeting any additional expenses such as refreshments.

About Us: St. Matthew's Academy Parent Council is a constituted organisation made up of parents and carers of pupils of the school. The group supports the school in every aspect of it's work.

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