Participatory budgets

2023/24 Locality and UK Shared Prosperity Fund Participatory Budgeting

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Participatory budgets phases



A total of £198,377 is available to local organisations, split between the following funding pots:

  • £60,000 to support Youth projects. Applications up to £1000.
  • £108,377 to support Locality projects. Applications up to £1000.
  • £30,000 from UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Partnership applications up to £5000. 

You may only apply to the Youth or Locality PB to increase opportunities for more projects to be funded.


Further information on this year's funds, criteria and themes

Apply now!


Applications are now open for Locality PB (up to £1000) and UK Shared Prosperity Fund PB (up to £5000).

To begin your application, click the 'Submit a project application' button and begin your application.

You can save and return to your application to continue making changes until the application closing date on Monday 11th September. Please ensure that you have read and understood the criteria for the fund you are applying for.

If you are applying for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund PB, we have produced a template working agreement to help define the roles of the different partners in the application, which you can download here.

For detailed guidance on how to log in and apply, click here

Application review


Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application!

Applications have now closed, and are now being reviewed ahead of the public vote opening.

All applications are checked by volunteer community reviewers, who read all applications to ensure they meet the relevant 'Essential Criteria' and 'What We Will Not Fund'. Any applications that don't meet the criteria will not progress to the public vote. 

We may contact you during this period to confirm information or ask for additional information, so please keep checking your inbox (and junk/spam folders!) just in case. 

All applicants will be notified via email once the status of their application has been confirmed. 

Cast Your Votes!


How to vote: Locality

  • Select the locality that you live or work in below. You will only be able to vote in one area, so make sure you click on the right one!
  • Each locality has a funding pot allocated based on population (e.g. £15,232 for Garnock Valley). Your vote will determine how this funding is distributed between the projects in your area.
  • Review all of the projects in your area to decide which three you would most like to see funded.
  • To cast your vote, select your favourite three projects from the list in your locality and click 'Submit Ballot'.

How to vote: UK Shared Prosperity

  • This fund is open to appplications from across North Ayrshire, so there's no vote specific to where you live.
  • Review all of the projects to decide which three are your favourite, and cast your vote as outlined above.

You must be logged in to be able to vote, which you can find out more about here in Step 1. 

If you need help to vote online or on paper, your local library can support you - pop in to your nearest branch to find out more.

Reviewing voting


Thank you to everyone who has voted online and in libraries for the projects that matter to you!

Voting has now closed, and we are compiling the results. We expect to announce the results the week of the 20th November, so check back soon for some exciting updates!



Voting is now complete and congratulations to all successful applicants!  Please click the link below to see results of voting.  There may be some localities where there is a surplus of funds and these funds will be allocated within these localities to part fund some projects.

Click here to see the results

Locality PB

  • Arran £8,979
  • Garnock Valley £15,232
  • Irvine £29,841
  • Kilwinning £11,978
  • North Coast £17,621
  • Three Towns £24,725

UK Shared Prosperity Fund PB

  • UK Shared Prosperity Fund PB £30,000

Budget investments' proposals located geographically