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North Ayrshire children's sculpture competition

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Playday 2023: enjoying our haybale maze made from hay loaned from local farmers
Playday 2023: enjoying our haybale maze made from hay loaned from local farmers

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We're applying for funding to allow us to run various green, environmentally friendly, workshops across summer as part of our Ayrshire sculpture competition.


This funding would be put towards our North Ayrshire sculpture competition which we host annually. This competition is free to enter and is aimed at young artists and schoolchildren across North Ayrshire, who are asked to create unique sculptures from recycled and natural materials based on the brief which changes each year. In previous years our themes have been "Our natural heritage; coasts and waters" and "Climate change; what it means to us" and we plan for this year's theme to be "From seeds to trees" to raise awareness on how to plant and grow our own foods and improve the greenery in our local community. To engage the schools and artists we will provide a prize for the winning entry, which is typically a paid-for day out provided by Beith Trust, which will be voted for by the general public via QR codes throughout the summer. To get people to vote and visit the sculpture trail, we will be hosting various free events over the summer for children and families to attend. The funding would be used to purchase materials to allow the events to be free to attend, ensuring families of all income levels can attend. These workshops would be two crafting workshops, one making clay plant pots to grow plants in and another to make bird feeders from old bottles and recycled materials. Another workshop we'd like to run would be led by a local artist and we would ask them to host a workshop teaching the children how to use nature to make art (leaf printing, flower dying, daisy chains, etc). Finally, we would like to host a stall at our National Playday event, which we run every year around our sculpture trail, allowing attendees to create their own seed bombs to take home and plant in their gardens. 

Our sculpture trail has consistently gathered numerous visitors throughout the years that we have run it, with National Playday being our biggest success with over 750 attendees last year. We would love to make these events as green as possible and use our space to teach the children how to have fun outdoors and away from screens. With a captive audience, we would like to teach green techniques and invite groups such as RSPB Lochwinnoch and Hessil Head to come along and host their own fun, nature-based stalls or activities. A breakdown on how we would use the funding is below.

Workshop materials:

10KG Air dry children's clay: £40

Variety of plant seeds: £35

Compost: £20

Materials to make recycled birdfeeders: £30 (Sticks, string, bird seeds, paints)

Materials for seed bombs: £30 (Flour, compost, water, plant seeds)

Wood-based materials for sign and box crafting: £45

Nursery plants from Gateside Garden Center: £50

Marketing and tutors:

Tutor fees: £100

Marketing materials: £50

Total: £400


Location: Beith Community Development Trust is a community development charity based in Beith, North Ayrshire. Beith Trust's mission is to improve the overall wellbeing and prospects of people living and working in Beith. Our aim is to make money within Beith that can then be fed back into our community and provide childcare, activities, events, free music lessons, art activities, training, qualifications, and more. We want the poeple of Beith to be able to live a full, fulfilled life within Beith, and avoid them having to take themselves, their money and their families away from Beith to be able to access courses, lessons, education, employment, and fun.

Proposed on behalf of: Beith Community Development Trust

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