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Art Project: "Social Pixel"

Анна Бланковская Анна Бланковская  •  2024-01-12  •  No comments  •  Arts & Culture  • 

Social Pixel
Social Pixel

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I`m Anna Blankovska - an artist and graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in the creative field, and I am eager to present to the esteemed audience an intriguing artistic project capable of uniting a multitude of individuals in a singular stream of creativity.

"We are fragments of a whole."

Description: This initiative entails a series of small artistic gatherings where North Ayrshire residents are invited to paint individual square cards, each becoming part of a large, pixelated mosaic image. Participants are provided with cards and artistic tools such as markers, pencils, or paints, allowing them to contribute personal elements, drawings, or messages. The artist ultimately compiles these into a cohesive mosaic canvas.

Social Contribution: The project offers every city dweller the opportunity to be part of a grand art installation symbolizing unity and diversity within the urban milieu. The final image, composed of hundreds or thousands of cards created by different individuals, will represent a visual embodiment of the community's collective consciousness and creative potential.

Post-creation, all cards are assembled into a singular installation, potentially displayed in public spaces or galleries. "Social Pixel" is manageable in scale, easily organized by a single artist, yet it engages and involves the city's residents actively.


Goals and Objectives:

  • To create a visual symbol of unity and diversity within the urban community.
  • To engage residents in the creative process, allowing them to express their feelings, thoughts, and stories.
  • To form public art reflecting the collective consciousness and cultural diversity.

Organizational Plan:

  • Preparation Phase: The artist develops the concept and overall design of the mosaic, determining the size of the cards and the quantity needed for the final image. Materials such as cards, markers, paints, and drawing tables are procured.
  • Advertising Campaign: Running an information campaign through social media, local media, and partnerships with community organizations to attract participants.
  • Conducting Sessions: Organizing a series of workshops or open sessions in public places, parks, libraries, and schools. Participants are provided with all necessary drawing materials, along with brief instructions and drawing technique assistance.

Creative Process:

  • Participants receive 15 x 15 cm square cards to draw, write messages, or create collages on.
  • Each participant contributes their unique vision or story.

Assembly and Exhibition:

  • After collecting the works, the artist assembles all cards into a unified canvas, ensuring compositional integrity and harmony.
  • The completed installation is exhibited in a public-access location, such as a municipal gallery, library, or on a public building wall.

Interactive Elements:

  • The option to scan QR codes placed near the installation for information about the creators of individual cards and their stories.
  • Organizing interactive tours and discussions about the project for schoolchildren and adults, fostering dialogue and opinion exchange.

Evaluation and Documentation:

  • Creating photo and video documentation of the entire process for use on social media and future exhibitions.
  • Conducting surveys of participants and visitors to assess the project's impact on the community.

This project exemplifies how art can unite people, giving everyone a chance to be heard and seen.


  1. Cards (500 pcs): £50.

  2. Set of markers, acrylic paints, and pencils: £50.

  3. Compensation for the organizer-artist's time (10 sessions at 1 hour each): £200.

  4. Coffee, tea, and biscuits for the sessions: £30.

  5. Assembly of all images into one, including the creation and transportation of the stand to the exhibition site: £50.

Total: £380.

This estimation encompasses the primary expenses for materials, the artist's labor, refreshments for participants, and the construction of the stand for the final exhibition. Additional costs such as marketing, logistics, and contingency expenses might also be considered for a comprehensive budget assessment of the project.

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