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Arts and Crafts Family After School Club

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We plan to run a weekly arts and crafts after school club over one or two months depending on funds. We are making it available to pupils and their families and plan to bring in a local artist to help us facilitate this. We believe it is important to nurture children's creativity and think that by involving parents it will be continued to be encouraged at home. As we are in a deprived are we are ensuring that these sessions are at no cost to the families. 


Family Arts and Crafts Session

To be run over a minimum of 4 weeks. 

There will be no cost for the rental of school due to the time of the sessions 3.15-4.15

local artist Pauline Tremble is available to help facilitate this at a cost of £45 per week total cost £180

Week 1 - face painting session we will provide each attending family a facepaint starter kit £100. We think this will be a fun activity for families which they can then enjoy at home also.

Week 2 - balloon art session again we will provide the balloons. This can help families cut costs of parties and home activities. Balloons £40

Week 3 - canvas painting session our local artist will teach various painting techniques to our families and help them create picture they can take home. What they learn will hopefully encourage them to do more art at home. We will provide canvases and paint for the activity. Canvases £39 paint £30

week 4 - clay modelling session our local artist will teach various techniques for our families to create their own clay model to take home. Clay £40  

all these free sessions will help us to cut the cost of the families school day by providing free activities while promoting arts crafts and culture in our local community. We hope that we may even have our local community centre display some of the artwork. 


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