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Ardrossan Parent Council

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We are a small group of parents and carers of children attending Ardrossan Academy.  We enjoy supporting the pupils in school and supporting other activities.

Following the success of last year's transition events, we would like to continue with the 'Good Start Gift Bag', potted sports event and disco. Funding would be used to purchase school essentials for every pupil entering S1, as well as the costs of two events; equipment, medals, dj, refreshments, decorations. Please vote for us to support our children and young people. 




Our Transition Programme is split into 3.

  1. Good Start Gift Bags 
  2. Potted Sports Event 
  3. Transition Disco 

The Parent Council aims to support all children transitioning from primary school into Ardrossan Academy, we work in close partnership with the school to enhance opportunities for our young people. Last year the newly appointed Parent Council recognised the struggles of the cost of the school day following covid and the current cost of living crisis, the is where the idea for the 'Good Start Gift Bag' came from. It ensured equality across the whole of the year group as all pupils were issued with the Bag containing school essentials. 

 The bag itself is a drawstring PE kit bag,it contains a pencil case with pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener and highlighter, a reusable tub for HE lessons, a scientific calculator and a Spanish dictionary. The cost per bag is £15. The bag is gifted in May/June 2024.

The potted sports event takes place in the astro area of Ardrossan Academy, this event promotes team building and developing friendships. The children are split into their "house" which allows them to meet peers from other primary schools prior to attending classes with them. The cost of this event is £600, this covers the cost of equipment and refreshments on the day. This event takes place in May/June 2024. 

The transition disco allows the children to meet in a much more relaxed environment and gives them another opportunity to meet the pupils the will be in classes with. The costs included in this event are dj hire and refreshments which are approximately £600. The transition disco will be in June 2024.

The estimated cost of the entire transition project is approximately £3000, depending on where we can source the best price for the items we require for the bags. We hope to recieve the full £1000 available from this application and will hold other fundraising events. 



Location: We are a small group of parents that support the schools extracurricular activities

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