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Coffee Cadenzas - Community Coffee Concert Series!

Zara Wardrop Zara Wardrop  •  2023-08-31  •  1 comment  •  North Coast  • 

Coffee Cadenzas!
Coffee Cadenzas!

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'Coffee Cadenzas' is a community project with the aim to bring members of the community together through the joy of art and music. We are proposing an 8-week coffee concert series, starting on the 21st of October 2023 and ending on the 16th of December 2023. The concerts will be held in the main gallery of the Barony Centre, West Kilbride. This is an opportunity for audience members to connect with others, support local venues such as the Barony Centre and experience arts and culture in the local community. All concerts will be every Saturday from 10:15am - 12:15pm, commencing in October.

What will it look like: Members of the public will have free access to the Barony Centre and will enjoy the immersive experience of sound and visual arts work harmoniously together. All whilst networking with other members of the community of all ages over a cup of coffee from the Barony Cafe. We want to break the restrictions of classical traditions and offer members of the public the choice of how they want to experience the event. This will be freedom of movement, providing areas where participants can talk, solely listen to the music or find a quiet corner to reflect.

Supporting this project will allow members of the public to access arts and culture for free, breaking down the barriers often experienced for those accessing the arts. The overall project will offer health and wellbeing benefits to the communty, by providing a hub for socialisation and connection in the local area. 


Supporting this project will allow members of the community access arts and culture for free; breaking down the barriers often experienced for those accessing the arts.


We are hoping for your support in order to cover the venue hire of the Barony Centre and travel expenses for our artists.

Venue hire: £240 (£15 per hour) of each event (8 weeks in total).


Travel expenses- estimated cost of £15 return from Glasgow to West Kilbride.

20 Artists in total =  £300.


Payment to our emerging artists (20 artists at £20 per session, before public donations) = £400


Total = £940

Proposed by: Supporting organisations: The Barony Centre (Craft Town Scotland) & Vertex Visions

About Us: Kickstart Opera is a youth organisation offering opportunity of Arts & Culture to communities in the UK. We are providing opportunity of arts and culture performance for children to experience on their doorstep.

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  • Alan Ward

    Coffee Cadenzas has been an excellent project, bringing even more live music to the West Kilbride area. It is a great opportunity for new musicians to gain intimate "chamber music" type experience, and audiences of 50 or more people have regularly attended in the venue, almost filling the available space among the artworks. There have been several calls for another series of these concerts continue, and Kickstart Opera deserves wide support.

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